Work Package 6

Communication, dissemination and exploitation

The first twelve months of the project have stated the basis of dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. During this period, STANDUP project logo was created and shared with the partners, some web and blog publications were update and a specific template was shared with the partners to be completed by them with their communication activities. During the next months when expected results of the project come to light we will have new information, events, topics, etc. to communicate. For the moment WP7 is proceeding well and according to the schedule, so no deviation is reported.

Design of a dissemination plan

During the reported period, the dissemination plan has been outlined. The purpose of the envisioned Communication Plan is to help raise awareness about the project itself and its results among different stakeholders, whilst retaining flexibility so as to be compatible with changes as the project evolves. The communication plan will allow for a prompt and well managed response to any significant variation in the project along its life-cycle.


Target audiences:

Dissemination (all the partners) (M1 to M36)


From the very early stages, a project visual identity was defined for the project. Several colors where tested, combinations of white, grey and another colour like blue, green or aquamarine colors. Afterwards, logo was created to identify the project.

The final version of the logo:

Both regular and negative version, were shared among the partners and used for the first time during the kick-off meeting of the project.

Project website :

Project coordinator oversaw creating, hosting and supporting the STANDUP project website. It was launched in June 2018, as a critical tool for external and internal communication of the project. The site hosts also an priavate document repository to be used by the consortium members. The URL is: The website is mainly divided into a public area, with disclosable project information, such as a general description of the project, a list with the Consortium members, the work package objectives, etc. and a private area, only accessible to Consortium members and authorised users, where working documents, deliverables, meetings information, minutes, etc. are regularly uploaded. The private area is the main tool to communicate project updates and distribute templates and reference documents within the Consortium, aside from the use of emails and teleconferences, and the regular organisation of meetings.