The research related to the STAND UP project is divided into different work packages

We intend to develop, test in clinical situation, improve and disseminate to the market in a very near future a smartphone based system to assess hyperthermia in DF, to develop a system to contribute to the early diagnosis of DF, to follow in an efficient way DF ulcer during treatment, and to improve the conception of foot insole and the choice of personalized foot pad using thermal information. The specific objectives of the STANDUP project are the following:


Application 1

A first smartphone application A1 (hyperthermia detection and analysis of thermal variations through time) will be developed to detect hyperthermia of the plantar foot surface and to study thermal variations during time after a cold stress test in targeted regions of interest (ROI).

Application 2

A second smartphone application A2 (time follow up of temperature, color, and 3D shape of DF ulcer) will be developed to measure temperature, color, and 3D shape of an ulcer along time.



Improvement of insoles using thermal information. In the STANDUP project, it is proposed to take into account thermal factors to design new foot insoles. These new insoles will be tested in clinical trial on DF ulcer patients.

Clinical trial

Three clinical trials will be conducted. First, thermal variations during a cold stress will be conducted and studied using A1 in a large scale clinical trial in hospital. Second, temperature, color, 3D shape in DF ulcers will be studied in a small scale clinical trial in hospital. Third, the new insoles will be tested in clinical trial on DF ulcer patients.


Advances prototypes

Production of advanced prototypes to be marketed. The smartphone applications A1 and A2, as well as the specific foot pad will address several medical objectives: additional tool to detect hyperthermia, help in the prevention of DF ulcers, evaluate ulcer status during its treatment and contribute to the healing of DF ulcer.


Communication, dissemination and exploitation. The first twelve months of the project have stated the basis of dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. During this period, STANDUP project logo was created and shared with the partners, some web and blog publications were update and a specific template was shared with the partners to be completed by them with their communication activities.