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Who are they?

The Clinical Biomechanics team within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Staffordshire University has considerable experience of participating and leading framework projects. We lead a FP7 funded Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways programme Diabsmart ( This project had a focus on developing biomechanically suitable insole material that can alleviate the symptoms of the diabetic foot and prevent ulceration through close collaboration with footwear industry and clinical sector. We also have substantial track record of collaborating with industry and health services sectors through knowledge transfer partnership projects.

Apart from the strong post graduate programs in the area of Clinical Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Diagnosis, Staffordshire University, offers several continuing professional development (CPD) workshop and training days in the areas of clinical biomechanics and disciplines related to musculoskeletal sciences. We have a substantial track record of scientific publications and collaboration with researchers across various countries.

What did they do?

In addition to Diabsmart the Clinical biomechanics team was involved in research and development related to Low-Cost Personalised Insoles for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention. Funded by NHS England under Small Business Research Initiatives scheme (SBRI) that aimed at finding solutions for improving the care of the diabetic Foot ulcer for better prevention, diagnosis, treatment.

Furthermore they have collaborated in the assessment of applicability of integrating a leaf spring bonded within a honeycomb matrix, as midsole in footwear, together with number of companies that was funded through Technology Strategy Board Smart grant in the UK.

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