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Who are they?

PUCP is an autonomous institution aimed at providing higher education, promote research and project to the community to contribute to national development. PUCP has the bioengineering laboratory, it promotes the development of Biomedical Engineering at the undergraduate and graduate, and has a Master of Biomedical Engineering, the same that promotes research and specialized training for the benefit of society in topics such as biomedical engineering, development of appropriate technology, among others.

What did they do?

The strong involvement of the Bioengineering laboratory in the biomedical engineering has leaded to take more than 20 sustainable cooperations with the academic, public and industry sectors, in national and international activities (Panamerican Health Organization PAHO, Ministry of Health in Peru, Hospitals, Universities, etc.).

They participated in more than 10 national and international joint projects, some of them with financial support of the Nacional Council of Sciences and Technology CONCYTEC in Peru.

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How to contact?
Av. Universitaria 1801 - San Miguel Lima 32, PERU
+51 16 26 20 00