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Who are they?

BodyCap, a French company created in 2011, develops miniaturized sensors to capture and wirelessly communicate physiological parameters values, with accuracy and integrity. Engineers and doctors of science are bringing their complementary skills around one shared objective: to meet the needs of medical and research fields by proposing innovative diagnostic tools enabling fast decisionmaking and smooth patient management.

Thanks to their know-how in miniaturization and industrialization, BodyCap is able to propose less intrusive and cost effective solutions. Sensors are small and less painful to wear than belts or probes. The team has developed new design technic to optimize energy consumption enabling extended life duration for the devices. The first product that BodyCap introduces on the market of medical devices is e-Celsius® (registered trademark) allowing the continuous measure of the core temperature by telemetry.

This device belongs to the class of type IIB's medical devices, including functions of monitoring. The Anipill® and e-Celsius® devices address two well identified markets: • the preclinical research (physiological parameters monitoring, pharmacological tests on animals of laboratory, etc.), and the markets of clinical research and the human health (observance, monitoring of physiological parameters during the clinical research, perioperative, anaesthesia, ambulatory medicine and chronobiology).

What did they do?

The strong involvement of BodyCap in Research and Innovation areas led to the creation of more than 20 sustainable national and international cooperations (with the academic and industry sectors: e.g. Alphasip, TOPPAN, Philips, ESIEE, Thalès, SANOFI, UNICAEN, INSERM, …).

They participated in 8 national and international projects (e.g. e-Temp, development of a core temperature sensor ; InForMed, an innovative ECG monitoring device ; 3DFF, a blood pulse wave measurement system; etc…).

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How to contact?
3 rue du Dr Laennec - 14200 Hérouville Saint-Clair, FRANCE
+33 2 61 53 03 29