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Who are they?

The PRISME laboratory of the University of Orléans is a pluridisciplinary laboratory focusing on the engineering sciences. It contributes to the following areas: Images, Robotics, Automation, Signal (IRAUS) and Fluid, Mechanics, Materials and Energy (F2ME).

The IRAUS pole is deeply involved in Applied Medical Engineering: image processing, decision-making support, health systems, medical robotics, robot-like assistance and mobile, TV-echography, micro and nano-interfaces, medical imagery. Its field of research includes a broad spectrum of disciplinary such as Automatic, Robotic, Signal and Image Processing, Modeling of complex Systems, Mechanics, Materials and Structures...

What did they do?

The strong involvement of the PRISME laboratory in the biomedical engineering has to lead to the creation of more than 30 sustainable cooperations (with the academic, the public and industry sectors: e.g. National technical University of Athens, Pôle Handicap Autonomie, E.H.P.A.D, General Council, Regional Council, CRESITT-CRT, LEGRAND, SOREC, MAQUET,…).

They participated in more than 15 national and international projects, for example "Madonah", a smart home for elderly people, Capthom, a sensor able to detect a human presence even if the person is immobile (after a fall).

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8 Rue Léonard de Vinci - 45072 Orléans, FRANCE
+33 2 38 49 45 14