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Who are they?

The HNDM Center is the primer Public Peruvian administered by the Ministry of Health of Peru, considered as the First Hospital of Peru and America. Its mission is: Providing Quality Health Services, giving priority to the most vulnerable and excluded population. Its vision in 2018: to be a leader in comprehensive care in highly complex pathologies, with human potential committed to providing quality care accredited Hospital, contributing to social inclusion; facilitating research and teaching.

What did they do?

The hospital has participated in these research studies, between 2013 and 2015: Automatic Analysis of Plantar Foot Thermal Images in at-Risk Type II Diabetes by Using an Infrared Camera. It was worked, jointly with Dr. Luis Vilcahuamán and his team of the Laboratory of Bioengineering at PUCP to allow the cohesion of clinical diagnosis with biomedical engineering to ensure the use of diagnostic tools.

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How to contact?
Av. Miguel Grau 13, Cercado de Lima 15003, PERU
+51 1 3280028