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Who are they?

In the University of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana the Footlab team (BASPI research group) belongs to the Electronics Department of the Engineering School. Footlab has a focus on developing ICT technologies for the diagnoses, follow up and treatment of Diabetic Foot based on signal and image processing.

New methods of insole design were also developed for reducing peaks of plantar pressure of the diabetic foot and prevent ulceration. We work with the shoe maker industry and health technology for clinical environment in collaboration with the San Ignacio Hospital in Colombia and the National Health Service in Scotland.

What did they do?

The team was involved in research and development related to the design and implementation of ICT for the diagnoses, follow up and orthotic treatment for diabetic foot care since 2000 and the development and evaluation of methods for improving customized insoles and foot care design and fabrication by using CAD/CAM systems in order to prevent plantar ulcers. Clinical trials were carried out with diabetic patients in collaboration with international institutions.

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